John RunneJohn Runne has been painting professionally for the past 25 years. Having enjoyed a very successful corporate career across multiple industries, he uses his experiences to bring a unique and humorous twist to his imagery and use of bold native colors. His whimsical approach to many scenes, very colorful perspectives of southwestern missions and strong approach to American flag abstracts have won him national and international acclaim. In addition to creating hundreds of original works, he has also produced numerous off-set lithographs of his images as well as published several books. Runne’s art activities are balanced with a deep commitment to assist charitable organizations and events. He creates and paints in the mountains of Colorado.

The following list is a short representation of his accomplishments: Cherry Creeks Arts Festival, Ethan Allen, Target Stores, Texas Instruments, Habitat for Humanity, Mountain Area Land Trust, Evergreen Bootstraps, National Sports Center for the Disabled, McDougal-Littrel Art Text Books, Dollar General Corporation, A Bar A Guest Ranch, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, ECH Will, Pope John Paul II, Foundation Health, Nellie Connelly Foundation, David Wolper Napa Golf Tournament, Native American Art Benefit D.C., Reading is Fundamental, Hobby Lobby, Susan G Komen Foundation, Arapahoe House, numerous private and corporate collections.

Charitable Activities

John Runne has stayed involved with numerous charitable projects that include hunger, women’s health, shelter, substance abuse and cancer.

He also created a painting for World Youth Day in Denver that was presented and accepted by Pope John Paul II. The image now hangs in the Hall of Bishops in Washington D.C.

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